Hack the recruiting system to create demand around your profile and let the HIGH-PAYING jobs come to you!

Learn how to:




Are you fed up with constantly getting job rejections despite having all the relevant skills and experience required? 😫

Frustrated with the amount of long, drawn out job applications you have to do and then not getting a response from a single one of them? 😠

Struggling to stand out and get noticed for your dream job even though you followed every tip you found online? 😤

Stuck in interviews when faced with difficult, unexpected questions that you should know the answer to but suddenly your mind goes blank? 😧

If this sounds like you then we’ve got the perfect solution to help...


-a secret, underground formula used by the world’s highest earning professionals to hack, predict and replicate the recruitment process to work in your favour. ​


This bootcamp can help you..

Here's what you'll learn..


Module 1: How to build your profile, establish your credibility and create demand for yourself


Module 2: Finding the right job for you and calculating how much you should really be earning


Module 3: Decoding how application management systems work and how to hack the system in your favour


Module 4: Understanding what recruiters look for and making sure they have you on speed-dial


Module 5: Breaking down the anatomy of the perfect resume


Module 6: Nailing the Cover Letter and making this a repeatable system


Module 7: Preparing, handling and winning interviews


Module 8: How to find hidden jobs and how to use job sites to save time and be efficient


Module 9: How to negotiate your offer to maximise your earning potential


Module 10: How to impress during the probation period

Here's a sneak peak of the bootcamp 😉

Meet Your Coach..

Having sat through hundreds of interviews, both as an interviewee and interviewer, I have seen time and time again the traits, techniques and skill-set shown by the top performers and those missing in the average performers. 

It couldn’t be just a coincidence or a god-given talent, there had to be a science behind it. So I begun a journey to research and study recruitment processes carried out by some of the biggest brands in the world hiring the top 1% talent. As I thought I would do, I started noticing patterns – striking patterns that blew my mind.

There’s certain characteristics and tactics candidates use that allow them to land the job as soon as they enter the interview setting. They play to the ambience, embed themselves in the environment and put themselves in the driving seat from the off.

When I dug deeper to find out how this was possible I realised a lot of this happened before the interview, in fact it started at the moment they applied for the job in the first place.

There was almost a hacking system at play here where the top performing candidates were able to manipulate application systems to get their profile to the top of the recruiter inbox, secure the interview almost immediately with a data-driven, personal and persuasive resume and then absolutely smash the interview with a confidence and swagger most people could only dream of.

Through this research and my own experiences I systematically put through this ultimate job hack guide where I share with you the exact secrets used by the top 1% performers to help enable you to get the dream job you’ve always wanted, with confidence, with credibility and most importantly – with the most predictable and efficient model out there.

Come and join me on this bootcamp and let me help you hack the recruiting system in your favour. 😉

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We recognize that a lot of people may be facing financial difficulties due to COVID-19. During this time, we want to help those affected in order to invest in their professional development.

How does the funding program work?

If your application is successful, you will get a $7,000 discount, meaning instead of enrolling for $9,997, you only pay $2,997.

We only reserve 10% of the seats in each cohort to funding program students.

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"The ones that claim they do"

Here is the catch: A lot of bootcamps advertise “100% job guarantees” and it would probably sound like music to your ears. But beneath the surface, you’ll find a bunch of conditions on the T&Cs that go with it.

For example, you’ll need to apply for loads of jobs, attend events and meet weekly targets in order to show that you’re job-hunting. If you can’t find a job within the time frame, you can get your tuition money back – only with the proof of the job-hunting stated above.

To avoid any kind of disappointment, we recommend doing intensive research and always reading the small print!

We’ll cover transparency in more detail in our commitment to transparency section on this page

"100% Job Guarantees"

We believe in honesty and transparency at DigitalCourses. The last thing we want to do is throw around false promises and give you the idea that a job will land on your lap soon after you graduate.

But we must be realistic when it comes to the real world. Just like any other job, you must strive to find the career that you’re passionate about and you’ll definitely get there through hard work and dedication. There are a few things we can definitely guarantee through – your certification and the skills to go with it! Besides, who said you can’t freelance or launch your own app?

We’ll cover transparency in more detail in our commitment to transparency section on this page

“We are a No.1 rated bootcamp”

We don’t measure our success with shiny awards, we like to chase student success. We want to see people improve their skills and push themselves to do better. During our course, we’ll be providing mentors so that students don’t feel too overwhelmed during their time on the bootcamp, along with an online community they can interact with.

At the end of the day, our mission is to teach one million people how to code in today’s digital world. To be able to share our skills, mentor people and change lives in any way, is our definition of success.

To see someone like you progress on this bootcamp and finally get that “lightbulb” moment when things start to click. That is much more valuable to us than anything else 🥰 .

“Qualify in just a few weeks”

Some bootcamps teach the art of coding in just 12 weeks, which is half the time we are offering in our 6-month program. But for some people, it might take longer. We find that with software engineering, it’s not something that you can just get the hang of in 3 months. Especially if you are learning how to code alongside a full-time job or parenthood.

We are all about quality learning and we want to give you a realistic time to get you to a decent level. For complete beginners who are learning about the world of coding, it may take more time than others. It’s important not to rush the process as there are many attributes and skills you can also learn – such as attention to detail, patience for solving complex programs, and communication skills. It’s best to give yourself the time to study at a Bootcamp that allows flexibility around your schedule too.

There’s a reason we have a supportive family at DigitalCourses. With the added support of your mentors, buddies, and coaches, it’s going to be worth it.

“You’ll Earn A 6-Figure Salary”

While it is possible to earn 6 figures in this industry, let us reiterate that it may take you a few years before you reach that pay range. Also, if it sounds too good to be true – it probably is, unfortunately. To earn that much money in just 6 months is definitely a dream we all want. But life doesn’t work that way and we don’t want to give you false promises and guarantees. However, who’s to say you won’t ever reach that point in a few years? You can! The tech industry is thriving and you can get yourself an amazing job that pays well.

Look into the hiring requirements in your chosen area and keep that information in mind when you join the Bootcamp. All it takes is for you to keep working your way up, upgrade your skills, think about how you want to plan your future and you can definitely get there.

Try focusing on your skills as a Junior developer as much as you can. And before you know it, you can earn a lot more with more experience. Grow your experience, specialize in something you’ve had your eye on, and then go from there. Just be realistic. (This is tough love, people! ❤️)

"100% Job Guarantees"

We see this promise often and many bootcamps give you the idea that you’ll find a job straight away. In these promises, there are unattainable conditions hidden in T&C’s which can make you lose out on the job guarantee. This includes applying for a number of jobs per week and some bootcamps even have a careers team that will check your progress for proof. Another condition is that you may have to live within a reasonable distance of a big city, which would inevitably force you to move away from home to find a job. Therefore, making life a little more challenging than it already is.

Coding bootcamps are pricey and having to juggle bootcamps with other commitments such as work and family life, along with moving, may not be possible for you.

Attending a gazillion networking events is also popular amongst most of the impossible conditions you’ll find, including “being proficient in English – written and verbal.” Ask yourself if you think you are eligible for this “job guarantee” if there are many conditions such as “age, degree, English skills, and the city you live in” to consider. You’d be surprised to find that there is a lot of hidden information in the T&Cs, so do read them carefully for your own benefit. We hate to break it to you and we know this is boring – but you’ve got to read the T&C’s!

There are no guarantees in life without a catch, so we won’t mislead you. Everyone’s journey will be different but we promise to be supportive every step of the way. ❤️