Beat the nerves, stand-out from the crowd and convince others of your message with our step by step (and repeatable) presentation formula!

You'll learn how to:




Do you ever wish there was a magic formula that could drastically improve your presentation skills? 😫

A template that you could use and (re-use) each time you needed to present so you’re not spending hours putting together slides? 😃

A step-by-step guide on how to communicate your message effectively without sounding boring? 🤩

A ready-to-use formula that will help overcome the anxiety and stress that comes with presenting? 😧

New found confidence to tackle any topic and take control of challenging questions whilst presenting? 😏

The secret technique to make you sound more authoritative, persuasive and entertaining during your presentations? 😎

Does this sound like you?

If that's a yes, then you're in the right place..

The Powerful Presentations Course from DigitalCourses is a 12 part interactive course teaching you the exact framework used by hundreds of our students to build, deliver and successfully close high impact presentations and pitches.


This course is perfect if you..

Here's what you'll learn..


The anatomy of the perfect presentation


How to use your body language to your advantage


How to adapt your delivery for a virtual presentation vs small presentation vs a presentation to 100+ people


How to project your voice louder, clearer and with more authority


A templated system that allows all your future presentations to be prepared 3x faster


How to find, craft and tell the perfect stories


How to answer questions you don’t have the answers to


How to close your presentation and leave the biggest impact

So, why do you even need good presentation skills in the first place?

Have you ever wondered how you can break through the glass ceiling at work, climb up the career ladder and finally get recognition for your ideas and your work?

Or maybe you’re a business owner and you’re trying to figure out how to impress clients, close pitches and increase your chances of charging top dollar prices?

Whatever your end goal, having strong presentation skills will not only help you reach those goals but it will accelerate your progress and super-charge your reputation.

Strong and Powerful Presentation skills shows credibility, authority and confidence that employers look for when promoting individuals and clients look for when identifying a trusted partner to work with.

To convince your audience and persuade them to make a decision or take action is a skill that not everyone possess. To do this while keeping your audience engaged, entertained and leaving a lasting impression is truly an art.

Presentation skills also help build a strong Personal Brand which instantly enhances your appeal, profile and significantly increases your earning potential.

With all the benefits that come with having strong presentation skills, it truly is an essential and must-have skill for anyone that is ambitious in the work place or looking to excel in the business world.

Meet Your Coach...

After years of struggling to cope with stage fright, fumbling my lines and constantly dealing with the stress and anxiety that comes with presenting, I knew I had to do something about it before it ruined my career dreams.

I was constantly getting overlooked for the promotions and despite having some great ideas, I could never convince anyone to take them on.

What really confused me was the fact that I was actually a very sociable person. I could hold down conversations and got along with most of my peers.

But put me on a stage or get me to present in a team meeting and the butterflies would start kicking in, the nerves take over and the panic inside would become unbearable.

I always read about how a personal brand was key to standing out and having a good reputation in the workplace.

 However my personal brand at this point was not the way I wanted people to view me: nervous, no authority, poor communication, dull.

At the same time this was happening, a fellow colleague, who started out in the same position as me was slowly becoming the shinning star of our company. 

He was the go-to-guy for all the high profile pitches and client meetings. 

Naturally that came with the promotions and the pay rises.

Everything I wanted, but couldn’t get.

I was humble enough to know I wasn’t at his level. So one day I decided to ask him to help me out, share some of his tips and give me an insight into how I could become “the guy”.

To his credit, he took me under his wing, he showed me how he prepares for meetings and presentations, how he gets his message across and how he plans in advance to target the decision makers to ensure they make the decision he wants. 

The detail, precision and insight just blew me away. I never knew presenting involved so much work behind the scenes.

But I knew I had to capitalize on this, so I went and researched all the renowned public speakers and presenting coaches, read hundreds of books, articles, blogs and papers to start fine-tuning and honing my own presentation blueprint. 

I was determined to excel in this and grow my personal brand.

And that’s exactly what I did. I became so obsessed with getting the perfect presentation formula that I was continuously learning and improving from my mistakes. What I saw next was unbelievable.

I became the “go-to-guy” at work for all the high profile client pitches. I knew I would be closing those pitches before I even entered the room as my formula was tried and tested and the results were predictable. 

I was “wow-ing” clients and building strong relationships and trust through my delivery. I was convincing them to pay premium prices because my presentations were able to show my company as credible, industry leading and an authority in the market. 

I finally nailed it.

Fast forward to today and I have taken my presentation formula to numerous companies and even used it to grow my own business. The formula was so successful I finally realised I need to teach this to others!!

My name is Abdul Khaled. A Digital Consultant thriving in the industry for the past decade working with and for some of the biggest companies and brands around the world…and this is the story of how I designed and built the Powerful Presentation course.

Join me and let’s start getting you the same results!

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Funding program

We recognize that a lot of people may be facing financial difficulties due to COVID-19. During this time, we want to help those affected in order to invest in their professional development.

How does the funding program work?

If your application is successful, you will get a $7,000 discount, meaning instead of enrolling for $9,997, you only pay $2,997.

We only reserve 10% of the seats in each cohort to funding program students.

In addition, we ask that you be honest with us about how COVID-19 affected you, as we will take your word for it. Help us help you! If this is something you’d be interested in, feel free to get in touch.

"The ones that claim they do"

Here is the catch: A lot of bootcamps advertise “100% job guarantees” and it would probably sound like music to your ears. But beneath the surface, you’ll find a bunch of conditions on the T&Cs that go with it.

For example, you’ll need to apply for loads of jobs, attend events and meet weekly targets in order to show that you’re job-hunting. If you can’t find a job within the time frame, you can get your tuition money back – only with the proof of the job-hunting stated above.

To avoid any kind of disappointment, we recommend doing intensive research and always reading the small print!

We’ll cover transparency in more detail in our commitment to transparency section on this page

"100% Job Guarantees"

We believe in honesty and transparency at DigitalCourses. The last thing we want to do is throw around false promises and give you the idea that a job will land on your lap soon after you graduate.

But we must be realistic when it comes to the real world. Just like any other job, you must strive to find the career that you’re passionate about and you’ll definitely get there through hard work and dedication. There are a few things we can definitely guarantee through – your certification and the skills to go with it! Besides, who said you can’t freelance or launch your own app?

We’ll cover transparency in more detail in our commitment to transparency section on this page

“We are a No.1 rated bootcamp”

We don’t measure our success with shiny awards, we like to chase student success. We want to see people improve their skills and push themselves to do better. During our course, we’ll be providing mentors so that students don’t feel too overwhelmed during their time on the bootcamp, along with an online community they can interact with.

At the end of the day, our mission is to teach one million people how to code in today’s digital world. To be able to share our skills, mentor people and change lives in any way, is our definition of success.

To see someone like you progress on this bootcamp and finally get that “lightbulb” moment when things start to click. That is much more valuable to us than anything else 🥰 .

“Qualify in just a few weeks”

Some bootcamps teach the art of coding in just 12 weeks, which is half the time we are offering in our 6-month program. But for some people, it might take longer. We find that with software engineering, it’s not something that you can just get the hang of in 3 months. Especially if you are learning how to code alongside a full-time job or parenthood.

We are all about quality learning and we want to give you a realistic time to get you to a decent level. For complete beginners who are learning about the world of coding, it may take more time than others. It’s important not to rush the process as there are many attributes and skills you can also learn – such as attention to detail, patience for solving complex programs, and communication skills. It’s best to give yourself the time to study at a Bootcamp that allows flexibility around your schedule too.

There’s a reason we have a supportive family at DigitalCourses. With the added support of your mentors, buddies, and coaches, it’s going to be worth it.

“You’ll Earn A 6-Figure Salary”

While it is possible to earn 6 figures in this industry, let us reiterate that it may take you a few years before you reach that pay range. Also, if it sounds too good to be true – it probably is, unfortunately. To earn that much money in just 6 months is definitely a dream we all want. But life doesn’t work that way and we don’t want to give you false promises and guarantees. However, who’s to say you won’t ever reach that point in a few years? You can! The tech industry is thriving and you can get yourself an amazing job that pays well.

Look into the hiring requirements in your chosen area and keep that information in mind when you join the Bootcamp. All it takes is for you to keep working your way up, upgrade your skills, think about how you want to plan your future and you can definitely get there.

Try focusing on your skills as a Junior developer as much as you can. And before you know it, you can earn a lot more with more experience. Grow your experience, specialize in something you’ve had your eye on, and then go from there. Just be realistic. (This is tough love, people! ❤️)

"100% Job Guarantees"

We see this promise often and many bootcamps give you the idea that you’ll find a job straight away. In these promises, there are unattainable conditions hidden in T&C’s which can make you lose out on the job guarantee. This includes applying for a number of jobs per week and some bootcamps even have a careers team that will check your progress for proof. Another condition is that you may have to live within a reasonable distance of a big city, which would inevitably force you to move away from home to find a job. Therefore, making life a little more challenging than it already is.

Coding bootcamps are pricey and having to juggle bootcamps with other commitments such as work and family life, along with moving, may not be possible for you.

Attending a gazillion networking events is also popular amongst most of the impossible conditions you’ll find, including “being proficient in English – written and verbal.” Ask yourself if you think you are eligible for this “job guarantee” if there are many conditions such as “age, degree, English skills, and the city you live in” to consider. You’d be surprised to find that there is a lot of hidden information in the T&Cs, so do read them carefully for your own benefit. We hate to break it to you and we know this is boring – but you’ve got to read the T&C’s!

There are no guarantees in life without a catch, so we won’t mislead you. Everyone’s journey will be different but we promise to be supportive every step of the way. ❤️